Revel Round

Developed Right Here in Indianapolis

Revel Round Yard Game

Revel Round is a fun new lawn game developed by Indy-based Play Life Nation. It is unique because it blends a game sort of like cornhole with some of the actions of hacky sack. 

Essentially you have two round playing boards on legs, and two teams of two players. Each team gets four throws per turn and teammates are on opposite sides. The goal is to score 21 points, and that occurs by tossing a small sack onto the opposing board. This can be done ovehand or underhand. Landing a ball on the board yield 1 point, while getting it in the hold gets 3. 

If your ball falls off the board your teammate has the opportunity to kick if back onto the board before it hits the ground. If they successfully kick it back onto the board you get 1 extra point (2 points) and if they kick it into the hold you get 1 extra point (4 points). Cancel rules apply and the first team to 21 wins.  

Play Life Nation 

Play-Life Nation is an Indianapolis, IN based lifestyle company and the creator of yard game “Revel Round”. They are a values focused company and are partners in Indy Lawn Games. PLN defines play as anything that contributes to fun, creativity, growth, or personal satisfaction – Play empowers individuals to live a life of their choosing that is judgement free, brutally honest, and radically transparent – Encouraging positivity, unity, and freedom – Most importantly play encourages a life without limits!

Learn more about Play-Life Nation and buy Revel Round on their website. 

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