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Lawn Game Rentals in Indianapolis

Renting great lawn games with Indy Lawn Games is easy – because we meant for it to be. This business started because we felt like it was difficult and expensive to rent games for events, and it doesn’t really need to be. We try to keep our prices a reasonable as we can, and we offer fair and transparent pricing on delivery too. Rent great games like cornhole, Giant Connect 4,  Revel Round and more!

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Pick your date and times, and then the system will show you what’s available. We have some bundles put together – you can also keep scrolling to find a la carte games. Add a delivery option if you want us to bring to you!

Please note there may be an additional fee for late night pickup after 9pm.


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2659 Shelby St. Unit B, Indianapolis, IN 46203

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Delivery + Pickup for your order Up to 15 miles from our address

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Delivery + Pickup for your order 31-50 miles from our address

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Looking for information on how to make sure you run a successful cornhole tournament? Check out our guide. 

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