The news has hit: Big Ten football is back! While details and setbacks will undoubtedly occur, high school football is in week 7 or 8 and seems to be progressing well. This means Saturdays will be brightened ever so slightly in an otherwise less-than-pleasant Fall. While 7:00 am Baltimore Zoos at Harry’s or a post game Biz-sinking at Nick’s are likely out of the question, your entertainment pre-, during- and post game was never in doubt. Lawn games are a must on those cool, fall Saturdays of football season; they’re as much a part of the day as crispy boys and buffalo dip.

You might be asking: Frank, where can I get these lawn games, especially for a single party I wish to have? Well, look no further than the website you’re currently on. We offer an wide assortment of crowd-pleasing games for backyards, front yards, side yards and every cul-de-sac in between. In fact, we encourage folks to check out Revel Round, a brand new yard game designed and built right here in Indianapolis, and let us know how it is.

We understand the many tenets of college football are just not feasible like tailgating or overdrinking and missing the game, we also hope to bring a little bit of a tailgate back to everyone’s homes or gathering spots. Maybe even Lucas Oil on those Sundays if they can learn to run the ball again.