As we continue to come to terms and ultimately alter our behavior, events, culture, etc…due to Covid we still have college basketball to look forward to.  While it is not yet determined if fans will be in the stands, March Madness will be coming to Indianapolis, West Lafayette and Bloomington.  We here at Indy Lawn Games are excited about the games occurring in our hometown regardless or not if fans are allowed to attend.

If fans are allowed to attend, Indianapolis will be a wonderful place to house everyone.  West Lafayette will be no different and Bloomington will continue to exist.  The obvious solution to enjoying a week to a month in Indianpolis?  Yard Game rentals, beers and some extreme exuberance.  We here at Indy Lawn Games are prepared for the hopeful throngs of people trying to enjoy some brisk Spring Temperatures outdoors in between the games.  In fact, we think it’s a darn good idea, especially for the teams to unwind after the practices and games in a socially-distanced way.

March Madness can take place over several weeks for those most fortunate teams and the games are all occurring in one area.  Are fans going to come and go or are they going to come and stay until their team is out?  However they do it, they’ll probably spend an extended period enjoy Indianapolis and looking for ways to socially-distance, drink beer and have fun.  Lawn game rentals are the perfect solution to all potential issues.  You’re not putting cornhole boards in your carry-on and you ‘ll definitely be wanting to kick the other fan’s asses at some games so contacting us is just a win-win.

In general, we’re really hoping the March Madness taking place in Indianapolis is a springboard for the entire city to resume a semblance of normalcy and get back to enjoying events, festivals, weddings all parties – especially those with some yard games.  The trend is definitely improving and we hope to see it continue it’s downward trajectory while Indy Lawn Games continues its upward trajectory!